Easy Agent PRO LeadSites

LeadSites generate leads and clients for real estate agents on the web. Meet the powerful website that makes this possible.

Interactive Map

Advanced search options with mapped results that rivals big portals. Detailed filters make it easy to search for exactly what you want to find, with results that show you where clusters of homes that fit your criteria are located.

Interactive Maps simplify the search process for your visitors and help you get more interested buyers.

Dyanimc Facebook Ads

Dynamic Facebook ads are a great way to market yourself, whether you’re a real estate agent or anyone else with an online business. For you uninitiated, Dynamic Facebook ads are smart ads that automatically show the right content to interested buyers.

Dynamic Facebook Ads allow you to create a constant supply of fresh advertisements without lifting a finger.

Market Reports

Show a summary of sold data for the previous month based on existing IDX shortcodes.

Market Reports allow your visitors to compare property value and make the best design for their location.

Multiple Polygon Maps

An easy-to-use polygon map that allows users to draw around the areas they want to see results for. Preferences don't fit neatly into a single box - That's why this map allows for multiple polygons, to help your visitors find their dream location.

Multiple Polygon Maps makes it easier than ever to help your clients find their dream home.

These are just our newest features.

Checkout all the ways LeadSites help real estate agents capture leads and close more deals.

Broker features

Create unlimited landing pages for each of your agents with integrated IDX search, 100% Free!

Search speed

The most up to date listing information, your IDX feed will be updated as frequently as your MLS allows!

Integrated search

Easily search for properties based on location, or refine your search to make it as detailed as you want!

Best deal for you

Due to our direct connection with your board, we are able to reduce our cost and we're proud to pass that savings on to you. More value and less price - very unique these days! Talk to us about it!

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